December 29, 2005

Terror at IISc.

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Just a small post to express my condolences and concern for the families of the professors who were killed and injured at the IISc. last night. I know one of the injured personally and my prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.


December 27, 2005

Google Earth and Security of the Nation

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Srijith discussed the issue of Google Earth and the Indian response to the display of sensitive military installations.He made the point that USA, France and Israel have all blanked out sensitive sites from Google Earth and that it is reasonable for India to request the same.

I don’t think the point is at all about whether other countries have or have not blanked out details from Google Earth’s servers. For a long time now, high resolution satellite images have been available at a price. Google Earth has only put these images into the hands of every internet user for free. If our real fear is anti-national elements then it would be reasonable to expect that these anti-nationals have enough wherewithal to pay for high resolution images that are likely to be of far better quality than that being provided by Google Earth.

Cost of Enforcement

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Nandakumar Saravade makes an excellent point in his blog about the cost of enforcement. This came in response to a particularly long and somewhat nit-picky discussion at claw-india. If nothing else the point about introducing a threshold for setting in motion and computer crime investigation is a good one. Furthermore, should the act being complained off result in only “slight harm” I see no reason why the enforcement authorities should not rely on Section 95 of the IPC and refuse to take action.

December 13, 2005

NLSIU and the Raising of the Bar

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This post caught my eye for the sheer unrestrained support the author has accorded to the academic program in NLSIU. I am the first one to concur on the role the university has had in changing the face of law in India, but to wax so eloquent seems to be stretching a point.

Now if there was some such discussion on the introduction of foreign law firms…

December 8, 2005

Domestic IT Spend on the Rise

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It’s good to hear that India is likely to spend more money on technology in the years to come. When I was in Brazil, a year ago, I was struck by the contrast in our two IT economies. India’s is largely driven by the export and the demand for IT services outside its shores. Brazil on the other hand has relatively low exports but a very healthy domestic IT market. India is clearly in the lead in this game but has produced very few strong product companies – and perhaps this is the reason. As we spend more domestically, there is bound to be an increase in the number of products created in India for India.

December 2, 2005

RTI Act Brouhaha

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The Prime Minister has apparently agreed to amend the Right to Information Act through an executive order to ensure that file notings remain outside the purview of the Act. These changes have come about as a result of the pressure placed on the government by the defence and the bureaucracy. An exemption will be allowed in the context of social and developmental issues.

This news comes fast on the heels of the announcement by the army chief, General JJ Singh that the army will not answer to requests under the RTI Act for providing information on any Military Secretary matters an issue on which Nitin Pai has this to say.

Tracking FII Investments

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The RBI is planning to tighten the screws on FII investments into the country by requiring them to channel all their funds through a special non-resident account. The immediate impact of this move would be to make it possible for the government to track movement through sub-accounts and Participatory Notes without disturbing the quantum of these flows.

In the absence of any significant long term investment players (such as pension or provident funds) the influence of the FIIs on the market is significant. Control of these funds is seen to be a measure to regulate the flow of tainted money into the country.

The practical implications of this move would be a near term fall in levels of FII investments as, at the very least, they would need to analyse the impact of regulatory scrutiny on their investment structures.

October 6, 2005

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