Why I am doing this…

There are several blogs about India. But very few focussing on Indian law and legal issues. Those that do, and there are some very noteworthy examples of this type, surprisingly skirt around the technology space.

This site is intended to fill that void and report on legal issues in the technology space pertaining to India. I intend this to be a site that distills news and serves up regular snippets of information on current issues. It will contain links and references but very little actual analysis. I do eventually want to share my opinions on these issues with the blogosphere but that will have to wait and perhaps find itself a site of its own to reside in. For now this is what its all about.

Visit often and comment regularly. That’s what I need to keep this going.

A wise man once told me that a writer writes to be read so he must write for his readers. Let me know what you want to read.



  1. Anisha said,

    Could you please write on laws dealing with Terrorism. Thanks

  2. Muhammad Jihad said,

    Why are you doing this? nobody gives a shit about india.

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